Menu in English


3 pcs Fried Jalapeño peppers, sour cream
CZK 135

100g Mozzarella with tomatoes, rocket and basil pesto
CZK 145


Goulash with turkey meat and chorizo
CZK 85


200g gratin goat cheese
on a vegetable salad with pistachio oil and balsamic vinaigrette
CZK 245

Main courses

4 plum dumplings in potato dough with poppy seeds and vanilla cream
CZK 165

150g Homemade pumpkin gnocchi with baby spinach in cheese sauce
CZK 185

150g Fish & Chips
fried cod in beer batter with fries and tartar sauce
CZK 210

120g Fried cheese, potato chips, tartar sauce
CZK 185

120g Prawns in red curry with vegetables and coconut milk, rice
CZK 225

150g Butter chicken – chicken breast in Indian sauce served with rice
CZK 185

150g Wrap with chicken strips, vegetables and avocado dip
CZK 185

150g Pork tenderloin with mozzarella and basil in tomato sauce, potato gnocchi
CZK 255

150g Pork tenderloin medallions with pepper sauce, potato chips
CZK 245


Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry sauce

CZK 145

100g Churros with cinnamon and caramel sauce

CZK 95